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Founded in 1963, the University of York has quickly become one of the world's leading universities, carving out a reputation as an academic powerhouse with a clear focus on excellence in teaching, research and innovation.

As a member of the prestigious UK Russell Group, the University of York’s culture of academic excellence, research-led teaching and groundbreaking research creates inspired, independent critical thinkers championing social justice and advancing opportunity for all.

The University of York brings together expertise across disciplinary boundaries to tackle the biggest challenges our society faces. From environmental sustainability to global development, York pioneers work that has an impact on a local, national and global level, driving forward an innovative agenda for change.

York’s world-renowned Environmental Sustainability Institute leads environmental research to explore sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental issues and influences policy and advice on high-profile environmental issues. With a strong focus on understanding the causes and consequences of environmental change, the University of York develops innovative solutions to environmental challenges, ranging from climate change to biodiversity conservation.

University of York

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Enquiring minds, academic excellence, inspirational teaching and pioneering research driving forward an innovative agenda for change.

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York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI)

Be part of the solution

The mission of York’s Environment & Geography department is to facilitate and deliver world-class collaborative, interdisciplinary research on environmental sustainability, co-designed with the researcher community, industry and policymakers. York’s innovative approach is based on collaborations between the Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences, addressing environmental challenges at local, regional and global scales.

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