Committed to climate equity, we fast-track revenue from your Quin Institute training subscription into the science-informed Adaptation and Mitigation Program (AMP) Foundation to accelerate Global South climate action

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The Adaptation and Mitigation Program (AMP)

The Climate LinkUP Adaptation and Mitigation Program (AMP) [Non-profit Foundation] for the Global South, supports the bold acceleration of high impact, science-informed climate action via an integrated and targeted ‘Climate with Nature’ mitigation and adaptation action approach.

AMP aims to accelerate the roll out and scale up of renewable energy via our AMP PowerUP initiative and delivery of science-informed Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to protect natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Our Scientific and Technical Expert Panel (STEP) of world-leading scientists and technical experts inform the Adaptation and Mitigation Program (AMP).

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Adaptation &


Program (AMP)

Since the global Climate and Nature crises are fundamentally interconnected with common shared human drivers, an integrated and coupled approach to solutions is required. Neither will be successfully resolved unless both are tackled together. ​

The warming climatic system is expected to significantly impact the availability of essential resources such as freshwater, food security, and energy to local communities worldwide. The link between climate change and sustainable development is strong - with the Global South, particularly least developed countries, expected to be the most adversely affected and least able to cope with the anticipated shocks to their social, economic and natural systems.

ecosystems and biodiversity protection

Building Ecosystem Resilience

Protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity is at the heart of the Climate LinkUP Adaptation and Mitigation Program (AMP). There is increasing global recognition that when managed sustainably, natural ecosystems that deliver essential ecosystem services for communities, are society’s most important defence against the harmful impacts of climate change and anthropogenic pressures – by providing long-term ecosystem resilience and adaptation capacity.

equitable food systems, healthcare and education

Delivering Green Energy Solutions

Energy access for local communities is essential to overcome poverty, promote economic growth and provide employment opportunities and basic social services. 10% of the world population live in extreme poverty today, struggling to fulfil the most basic needs including energy. Access to energy within local communities is essential to overcome poverty, promote economic growth and provide employment opportunities and basic social services.      


Become a VIP Corporate Sponsor

Your AMP Foundation donation helps to accelerate our vital science-informed and high impact climate action with the Global South. You will gain VIP status at our global industry events with associated marketing opportunities to promote your company brand as an active sponsor of science-informed climate action with the Global South.
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